Noise pollution can be effectively combated

Everyone has had to deal with noise nuisance at one time or another: the music that regularly drowns out every conversation of the neighbors above, who appreciate their new wooden floor more than you do. Noise pollution also occurs on a larger scale. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Consider, for example, noise nuisance in the workplace, as is often the case in production environments. Or in highly sound sensitive facilities where walkway absorbers are required to bring the level of noise by just walking around to a minimum. For more business related articles in Dutch one can take a look at Then answers must be taken. The problem is also recognized by the government, which has used noise pollution standards.

Extreme measures for microwave absorption

If you’re looking for reduction of the minute sound waves and microwaves then there are plenty of solutions in this regard. With microwave absorbers the reflection of these waves is reduced to the absolute minimum and with special walkway absorbers  your staff can walk around the room without disturbance.

The good quality of the polystyrene absorbers makes sure the product remains highly rigid and is resistant to variations in humidity. These also don’t leak carbon particles in the long term. They come in two types: the hybrid absorber which is also useful in anechoic chambers and there is the microwave absorber that is exclusively used for antenna and wireless test rooms.

Various solutions against noise pollution

Fortunately, there are countless solutions to combat noise and noise pollution. Pennings acoustic finishes offer numerous soundproofing and improved solutions for spaces and environments. Solutions that do not only improve the degree of noise nuisance, but also improve and improve the noise nuisance.

Noise pollution standards

Municipalities themselves determine the standards for noise nuisance caused, for example, by neighbours. It goes without saying that the prevention of noise nuisance is preferable. This happens, for example, in concert halls, pop venues, studios and theaters, but also in private homes with a home cinema or music room. You can, of course, line the walls with egg cartons; you can also opt for sustainable and so beautiful, aesthetic solutions from Pennings Acoustic Building for walls, ceiling and floor.

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